Ladies Of The Castle.

Gypsey ADBA & ABKC reg.

XL female about 85-95 lbs of bad mamajama with a sweet side. Loves to swim and be with the kids so who could complain.

Chunky Monkey ADBA & UKC reg.

Chunkies is a low rider thick female who produce pups alot like her low and very playful.

Thalia Al Ghul ADBA reg

Thalia is a wild card. Loves to run and play tag or just cuddle with you on the couch. Very thick girl with a good amount of Tri Blood.

Panda Bear UKC reg.

As sweet as honey with everyone she comes across. Loves the cat and puppies. Best girl we have when it comes to just being out and about where ever we may be.

Luna Of The Night. UKC reg

Luna is more timid then her sister w a more relaxed attitude, Unless you have a ball that is.. haha

Poison Ivy ADBA reg

Ivy was bred here in the castle off of Chunkies and Burkholders Bones. Both very thick parents with excellent bone structure. Cant wait to see how she turns out as a grown girl.      **** Updated Pics Coming